Sharing your Story

BristolThreads values unity and diversity. To better represent the city as a whole we want to work with all people of good will.

We want to tell hopeful positive stories of people and communities. Stories that bring life and speak of a better Bristol future. We look for stories where people are at the centre. Stories that warm the heart and acknowledge that people and relationships are our future.

BristolThreads will not publish content that is hateful, prejudiced, takes people down or derogatory in any way. We believe in diversity across disability, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, religion, all the things that makes Bristol unique and amazing. 

BristolThreads also chooses to have no particular political affiliation or advertising on the site.

Top tips for sharing your story with us

  • Write a few short paragraphs. There is no word limit (as we know you are busy!) but some times we shorten articles and stories as we want to keep things brief for a mobile-first approach. We will always include a link the original article where applicable.

  • Include a good picture (with people in it!). We use this picture as part of the article but also occasionally as part of social media channels.

  • Help us, help you. We share your news and stories in a place where others share theirs - that way we all get to see what everyone is doing!

Contact to submit your news/story, for more information or to arrange a chat over a cup of coffee.