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Supporting homeless people during the hot weather

Colse Leungnews
Supporting homeless people during the hot weather

In the hot weather, the team from St Mungo’s have been running extra welfare checks and giving rough sleepers water and sunscreen.

As temperatures soar, St Mungo’s Outreach Team is helping rough sleepers in Bristol stay safe in the heat. The team, commissioned by Bristol City Council, head out late at night and early in the morning to offer help to people who are sleeping rough across the city.

The team have been helping rough sleepers

The Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) is in place across the UK to help rough sleepers in adverse weather conditions, such as extreme cold, high winds, heavy or sustained rain or during heatwaves.

During heatwaves there is an increased risk of sunburn, dehydration and heatstroke, which can make pre-existing physical and mental health conditions worse.

Bristol 24/7 has previously spoken to St Mungo’s about SWEP after the temperatures plummeted in late January 2019. After the temperatures dropped below zero, at least 69 emergency beds were made available across Bristol.

“Rough sleeping is harmful and dangerous at any time, however this is increased when temperatures either rise or drop dramatically,” said Gareth Mercer, Bristol Outreach Team coordinator at St Mungo’s. “Here in Bristol, our team will be out during the day offering support in the warmer weather.”

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