1) What is BristolThreads? BristolThreads isn’t a business or a charity. It’s currently just a blog where we tell and signpost hopeful positive stories of people and communities. Stories that bring life and speak of a better Bristol future. Stories that warm the heart and acknowledge that people and relationships are our future and that we have more in common than we do apart.

2) Why does it exist? We want to create a place where people in Bristol can go to hear positive stories. Positive stories help reveal the threads of change and hope.

3) What kind of stories and news do you host? We are looking to host various stories from all across sectors and all across Bristol.

  • We look for stories where people are at the centre.

  • To better represent the city as a whole we want to work with all people of good will.

  • BristolThreads will not publish content that is hateful, prejudiced, takes people down or derogatory in any way.

  • BristolThreads values unity and diversity. We believe in diversity across disability, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, religion, all the things that makes Bristol unique and amazing. 

4) BristolThreads is not a business and also chooses to have no particular political affiliation or advertising on the site. It’s just a fancy blog really.

5) We are constantly looking for stories from all around, from news sites, journalists, community groups etc. If for whatever reason you wish the removal of an item, please contact directly with the URL and we can look into that.

6) Content sources should be highlight and linked where possible to help raise awareness of the source material and for appropriate credit for the content. If you spot any missing, or would want to highlight additional credit on a post do let us know.

7) If you have any further questions or want to add a question to this FAQ list, please also email directly.